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You’re Letting Me Leave My Mark On You

Arts Inspiration New York

Hey there, New York. It’s me again – The Tiny Dancer. We’ve made another half trip around the sun, which puts us bonded together for 3.5 years. Have you tired of me? I haven’t yet tired of you. There’s so much we have left to conquer together. [...]

Dear New York, Happy Two Years

Arts Inspiration New York

Dear New York City, You’re something else, aren’t you? You never sleep, you’re constantly charged with energy, and you house a myriad of lives under the sparkle of your skyline. You present some of the greatest opportunities, some of the [...]

Dancing is a Morphing Passion

Arts Inspiration

Dancers can’t perform forever. All of us know this.  Due to the intensity and athleticism of the art, as well as the inevitable fact that we must grow old, our bodies break down and become weaker or an injury ensues, thus marking the end [...]