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When two or more artists find themselves together, the best – and happiest – thing they can do is create art together on the spot. This ongoing project excites me beyond measure.


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I adore collaboration – merging different thoughts and ideas, allowing someone else’s imagination to inspire your own. That’s what this project is all about – working together to expand imagination, to get outside of my own head and to embody someone’s ideas. It works exactly as the title says: You request an improv – a location, a song, a poem, a feeling – and I take that as inspiration to improvise with movement. We can collaborate from absolute anywhere at any time. Gorgeous, isn’t it? I think so, too.


Catch all of the #ITChallenge improvs on my Youtube channel here.

This project was so fulfilling for me. Every Thursday, I would improvise. Elevators, stairs, the office – it didn’t matter. At some point during my day, I had to find time to move and record it. It was a challenge to find the space, to find the time, to find the courage to share it when I didn’t love what I created. It was my #ITChallenge.