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The You I Know – My New York

Inspiration New York

Hello, New York, my sweet friend. Today marks 6.5 years together. How quickly it has gone. Sometimes it feels like I’ve only been with you for a few months. But most times it feels like we’ve been lifelong friends: laughing into the night, [...]

Six Dances Around the Sun

Inspiration New York

Hello, my sweet New York. A few weeks ago we celebrated our sixth anniversary. Can you believe that? Time certainly moves quickly. Have you felt that, too? Life evolves slowly, yet in the blink of an eye we’ve grown and shifted and changed. [...]

I Hear The Silence, And It Sings

Inspiration New York

I’m currently sitting on the floor of my apartment, my computer propped on a small table – my furry friend nestled on top of that. The twinkle lights around the doorframe are on – half of them softly illuminating the room, the other half dark [...]

Making Up the Heartbeat of You, NYC

Inspiration New York

Hello, New York, my sweet friend. Here’s to another six months together. We just keep moving and dancing and twirling about together, intentionally and aimlessly getting enveloped by this journey. You annoy me, excite me, anger me, delight [...]

Here’s To Where We Were, Here’s To Who We Are – Happy 5 Years, New York

Arts Inspiration New York

Hey there, New York – it’s me, the Tiny Dancer. Do you know what today is? It’s a special one for us. On this day five years ago, I entered your massive universe wide-eyed, jobless, and barely knowing a soul, wondering if any of my dreams with [...]

Painting the Mural of My Life

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Hey New York, It’s me – the Tiny Dancer, and I just wanted to wish you a Happy 4.5 Years! Another six months of early-morning prayers, mid-afternoon walks, and late-night giggles. Time certainly does fly, doesn’t it? [...]

Dancing Outside of the Box

Arts Inspiration New York

I’ve had thoughts churning in my head for days now. If I’m honest, they’ve been swirling for a few weeks, perhaps even a year. I’ve been waiting for them to align, to settle, to “behave” before giving them [...]

Here’s To Us, New York—Happy Four Years

Arts Family Inspiration New York

Dear New York, It’s me — The Tiny Dancer. I just stopped by to say Happy Four Years to us. Four years ago today, we were simply meeting. I didn’t know what adventures you’d take me on, where our favorite spots would be, where [...]

Nurturing The Bud

Arts Inspiration New York

I have always felt that going to a dance studio was like going home for me. So much of my life has happened on taped-down marley. I’ve gathered floor burns and bruises while I rid my mind of the day’s adventures. I’ve laughed and rejoiced and [...]

The Year Of The Uncomfortable

Arts Family Inspiration New York

It started with a phone call. Goodness, that sounds dramatic, doesn’t it? But it’s true. One phone call ignited a flame within me and inspired me to take bigger leaps, to dream outside the box, to purposefully make myself consistently [...]