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Her Memories Will Live On Within My Heart

Family Inspiration

I knew this day was coming, and I was able to prepare.  But as you know, no one is ever fully prepared to say “goodbye.”  And to tell you the truth, I knew when I woke up that it would be today.  Why?  It was raining.  And ever since I was a [...]

A Look Back in Time

Arts Family Inspiration New York

I had a great childhood.  I was a little blonde pipsqueak who was stubborn and goofy – a Daddy’s girl with my mom’s determination.  I guess some things never change, right?  I was never super “girly”.  I have two [...]

Memories Live Within the Heart

Family Inspiration

I remember the first time she forgot that I was her granddaughter.  And I can tell you exactly where I was sitting the last time I heard her say “I love you.”  You see, I have these memories because my beautiful grandmother, Meemaw, [...]

New Traditions

Family Inspiration New York

This year has brought numerous changes in my life.  I don’t drive a car for months at a time, I’ve met people I’ve dreamed of meeting since I was a kid, and I know the stops on the N/Q line like my life depended on it.  But [...]