Apparently I graduated from college three years ago today. (Thanks for the heads up, Facebook Timehop.) As I was looking back at pictures from those events that were filled with much laughter, smiles, and a few tears, it’s easy to recall the vivid memories of that day.

Of course, three years really isn’t that long in the grand scheme of things. No, I’m not that old, and really I’m probably not that wise. But my mom has always told me that I truly feel all of my emotions, so when the nostalgia crept up on me today, I let it in like the old friend I consider it to be.

I remember that day to be so joy-filled, and the pictures echo that sentiment. I recall the beautiful sound of “My Home Among The Hills” filling the room as I sat, ready to move my tassel from one side to the next. I reflected on the friendships I made that I cherished, the chemistry finals I despised, the countless hours I spent in the loft dance studio, and the pride of singing “Country Roads” in a packed stadium as I swayed with those who made college such an exciting chapter in my life.

Looking at these pictures today, it’s obvious that many memories are rushing back to me. And it’s not because I wish I was still there — I believe in enjoying the current chapter of your life, while looking back fondly on those that are now written and looking forward to those that have yet to come. It’s because I can still hear the whisper of my thoughts; I can still feel the warmth of excitement.

I remember the feeling on my graduation day of knowing that my time in West Virginia was coming to an end. I knew that soon I’d be searching for all of the things to start a life in the Big Apple. I had no idea where my “new” life would begin, or what I would experience, once I left my sweet rolling hills to replace them with extravagant stages and smelly subways.

And here I am: three years later with the creation of a life in the concrete jungle, looking back on myself three years ago. I recall the confusion and bottled up excitement I felt, and it’s pleasing and enjoyable to me to be immersed in a life that then was only a dream to conquer.

I know I may be rambling – I have a habit of doing that when I have an abundance of thoughts I want to share. But I guess what I’d ask of you today is to look back on your life – it doesn’t even have to be that long ago – and see if you have stayed true to yourself. Of course not everything will go as planned; the hiccups are part of the ride. But at the end of the day, are you happy with where you’ve ended up? I certainly hope you are.

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