I’ve been in NYC for just a little over seven months now, and sometimes I can’t believe that I actually get to live here and don’t have to leave any time soon.  I do hate to admit, however, that sometimes I take it for granted.  And don’t we all do that?  I was talking with a friend the other day, and we agreed that 90% of the time we take our present moments for granted. That’s pretty lame.

So here’s my new project: every so often, perhaps every six months, I’m going to make a list of lessons that NYC has taught me, things I’ve seen that have captivated me, weird experiences I’ve had, or just something that made me smile.  I think it will be fun to look back on in another six months when I make my next list.  Maybe this sounds like something you’d like to do with your life.  Then do it!  Perhaps it will help prevent taking our day-to-day time for granted.

Here’s to list #1.

1. Warm weather makes you fall in love with NYC all over again.

2. Jam-packed yoga classes for $5 make any morning perfect.

3. A good church can renew your soul and help prepare you for the upcoming week, especially if you can walk through Central Park to get there.

4. Meeting a childhood dance inspiration can make your mom think you’ve had too much wine because you’re so giddy from the experience.

5. Getting pick-pocketed isn’t so bad if you catch the guy and yell in his face before he gets away with your phone.

6. Trial and error – with jobs, dance classes, restaurants, etc. – is the best way to figure out 95% of your new life here.

7. Dumbo (in Brooklyn, not the flying elephant) is a gorgeous place for a walk at sunset.

8. Crumbs will inevitably have new cupcakes to try every time you visit.  They will also always post the calorie count.  You don’t look at that.

9. Going to shows and performances is one of the best ways to stay inspired about your art.

10. Auditions will not kill you.  But they may make you feel like you’re in a weird bingo game with all the random numbers being called out.

11. Technology makes you feel a bit closer to loved ones back home.  Even if FaceTime does freeze when you’re making your most beautiful fish face.

12. Support from family and friends will carry you through rough days.

13. Wiping out on the ice skating rink in Bryant Park isn’t too embarrassing.  Until you wipe out again and almost collide with a small child.

14. Once you share your excitement and fears about this lifestyle with other dancers, you realize you’re all in the same boat.

15. Those stereotypical, cheesy, overly happy and blessed feelings of “I’m living my dream” will sneak up on you all the time. And you let them.

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