I’ve always loved keeping a journal.  I like looking back years later to see what I had done and how I felt on a specific day.  But I have to be inspired by something in order to write it down.  That’s why it seems a bit silly that it took me six months of living in New York City to realize that a blog would be a perfect new endeavor for me to keep track of my adventure.  New York City inspires me in so many ways: the view of the skyline at dusk, the sound of a man hailing a cab, the frustration of just missing a train.  This city is filled with beauty and mystery and people of all different kinds, and I feel lucky that I get to experience that every day.

I moved here to pursue a career in dance.  But as I look forward to all that dance has to bring my life, I believe this city will surprise me in ways I cannot even imagine.

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